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Marriage Counceling 

Relationships today find themselves strained by more factors than ever before, from lack of financial security to health problems, from simple household arguments to the temptation of infidelity. Daytime television constantly displays the aftermath of couples unable to resist cheating and, worse yet, profit from the pain and suffering that ensue. Lifestyle differences and changes in lifestyle make compatibility less and less of the factor it should be with regards to the bond between mates.

Many of the times there are problems in relationships because the individuals don’t understand the powers or the systems of the powers that they were born with. Understanding the powers that guide one’s partner can help him or her build his or her patience, tolerance, and effectiveness in satisfying that partner. By knowing the forces that guide that person, they can alter the approach that they would normally use to resolve a situation to one that will be more mutually beneficial and assuage the forces that guide them. Gro Mambo brings the knowledge of the systems and powers that individuals were born with to the individuals in counseling: i.e., marriage, family, drug and alcohol addiction, parent/child, career, and spousal abuse. The knowledge of these powers helps individuals to avoid infidelity and cheating, allowing them to strengthen their love and have understanding of each other, compassion, patience, and compatibility. You can rise above the pressures of society to cheat, find ways to ignore the negative impulses from the news and the media and concentrate on nurturing your relationship with your significant other. Gro Mambo has over the duration of her priesthood become more and more expert in helping those who have trouble with relationships maintain those relationships while they elevate in every aspect of life within them. The keys to happiness, love, intimacy, and more all lie in divination and the counseling Gro Mambo can offer.

Love Search

People who are not yet in a relationship and are looking for the happiness, love, and intimacy that come with a healthy, loving partnership can learn the best territories in which they will find their soul mate. The power of the territories are very important for the mate that they may be seeking, and they may find them in that territory, e.g., beach, ocean, riverside, mountains, nature/forest.

Gro Mambo offers advice on maintaining one’s own identity while enhancing the qualities and power that they were born with. As individuals understand their powers they will become a beacon of light attracting a compatible power within a newfound friend and romance.

Financial Advice

Everyone wants more money. All across the country and around the world, however, money seems to become harder to make, while the financial demands placed upon the common man in society continue to mount. Bills grow, fees increase, credit is harder to maintain and improve, responsibilities refuse to diminish, and despite it all the value of the dollar doesn’t grow with the demand, and paychecks aren’t getting any bigger. The time has come to think outside the box and make more money in new ways to ensure stability in an unstable world.

Divination can be the answer to your financial questions. Through divination, Gro Mambo taps into an ancient power that can transform the way you think about your own capabilities and prospects and turn your passions and desire for fiscal elevation into paths to financial stability and the happiness that accompanies it. Learn to take advantage of the plight of the economy. Discover your power days and numbers as new ways to turn what you love to do into ways to make money doing it. Unleash your inner power to influence the people around you and make your current endeavors more profitable to you and your family. Do it all through divination.

Anger Management

LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary is unique in that it offers traditional clinical anger management and an lternative approach through traditional holistic spirituality.  Both approaches address the problem of anger management from a foundation that treats the client with dignity and respect for the fact that he is a human being with both physical and spiritual needs. 

LePeristyle’s staff is certified in both the Manslow and the Mandt systems of behavioral clinical therapy.   LePeristyle’s staff, which is expert in both the Manslow and the Mandt systems, maintains their certifications though continuing professional education.  The entire LePeristyle staff involved in the rendering of traditional wholistic spiritual therapies is required to participate in quarterly reviews.  This means that any institution that refers clients to LePeristyle for treatment will receive annual updates on the client’s progress. 

Corrective directional behaviors are taught that build on this foundation of respect and dignity by helping the client to recognize these attributes when they are applied to him and others.  We proceed on the premise that it is not wrong to be angry but, instead, that the client’s problem is not being able to understand what makes him angry and to know how to resolve conflict issues.  The goal is to help the client to develop an effective set of personal conflict resolution skills which enables him to recognize when a conflict is about to arise, analyze what each person involved needs to do to address the situation and respond in a healthy manner, decide what action to take, and to review the situation and the behaviors adopted.

For example, in circumstances involving a difference of opinion, the client is shown that it is not necessary to become angry, lose control and create a ‘lose – lose’ situation.  Instead, the client is taught that, through behavior planning and cognitive planning, a ‘win – win’ solution can be found.  Here ‘win – win’ does not mean that everybody gets the same solution because what is meaningful and healthy for one person may not benefit another person at all.  A ‘win – win’ solution is achieved when both parties come to the conclusion that there is a resolution that can make both parties peaceful and happy, even if neither party is getting one hundred percent of what he desires.  This approach empowers the client to act in a manner consistent with the outcome he desires for himself and for the other person, realizing that he is not losing by exercising humanity and understanding. This requires the making of a conscious decision on appropriate action before any action is taken.   As the action is reviewed, the client learns to adopt this approach to conflict resolution on a consistent basis and to become a person who looks for resolutions within himself and from others in order to achieve outcomes that are satisfying to all parties involved. 

One critical aspect of this approach to anger management is recognition of the importance of paralanguage behavior in which nonverbal behaviors drive the client toward conflict. This is a key component of conflict resolution and anger management because it shows the client how he needs to be in control of the actions and unconscious gestures that sends signals to others that he is ignoring them, dislikes them, disrespects them or simply does not care. This allows the person who has an anger management problem to recognize paralanguage behaviors and avoid them.

In the traditional holistic spiritual aspects of LePeristyle’s anger management therapy, spiritual counselors utilize their expertise in divination to find an individual’s true spirit.  Once they find the spirit and character of the individual they will show the person how anger causes them to stray away from dignity and respect for themselves.  The need for things such as peace, love, money, children and employment can cause an individual who is not experiencing those things to become angry and, as a result, get into conflict with others.  It is the role of the traditional counselor to identify the spiritual issues that are not being addressed and prescribe a strategy that brings an awareness to the individual and helps him to develop a correction for the safety of his or her own life and the lives of those around him. 

Often when people become uncontrollably angry we believe that there is a root to the anger … a root that the person is not aware of.  The traditional spirituality will teach the individual what their true spirit is from the time that they were born.  Teaching the person what their spirit is will allow the person to fully develop and find a understanding of themselves.  They will learn the attributes of their spirit and learn how losing control of their spiritual attributes will only allow the attributes to bring negativity to them and any situation in which they are involved.  They will learn how to bring a higher respect to themselves as well as those who they come in contact with.  The counselor that guides the client will show him how the spirit within him cannot elevate or allow him to truly know who he is because he is allowing anger to blind his eyes to life.

For example:  Some people are born with the spirit of needing peace in their life.  They simply cannot exist without peace.  Traditional spirituality teaches that the head rules the body.  Whatever the head thinks is what the body will do.  Much of the time such people are at a high risk for anger that leads to violence, causing them to bring harm to those they are in contact with and to themselves.  What they do not understand  and fully appreciate is that they create the environment for a lack of peace by the way that they think. Their over-thinking and incorrect thinking creates the lack of peace which fuels their anger.

Example:  There are things that are not verbalized that promote conflict and allow a person’s anger to be uncontrolled.  It is as if a person asks, “What do you think about the new lady who works here?” and the person look up at the sky or hunches his shoulders, exhales loudly, and exclaims “Oh, boy!”  Without having said a word, the message is given that there is something wrong with that person or that person is weird or strange.  The message “Oh yeah, she is nice” could just as easily be communicated, depending upon facial expressions, body language, gestures, eye contact, or simply being evasive. This is a key component to conflict resolution and anger management because it shows the need to be in control of ones actions and hidden gestures the send signals to others that you are either ignoring them, dislike them, disrespect them or that you just do not care.  This enables the person with an anger management problem to recognize these things in themselves and correct them.  

LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary

Health Depression 

Depression, as have so many other health problems, has become an epidemic in America, not to mention one of the most frequently clinically diagnosed and heavily medicated. Across the country, drugs prescribed to treat depression are being dispensed at alarming rates, only to cause in many cases more and worse problems than the depression they are designed to treat. At LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary, Gro Mambo treats depression through ancient African tradition. Spiritual baths and consultations are offered to afford the individual a new leash on life and help him or her walk right out of depression without dependency on the drugs that merely mask the problem rather than expose its root and solve it. Learn the root of your depression and how African tradition herbs can allow you to walk free.


Priests and priestesses of African-based tradition have been treating serious illnesses for centuries. Alternative medicine through African tradition can help heal the body of diabetes, cancer, diseases, arthritis, and more. African traditional herbs and medicines are used through spiritual baths. Gro Mambo through divination will give you the prescription for how to service yourself with herbal teas and herbal soaps.


Proving once again that Priests of African-based religion can perform as clergy without the help of other churches, Gro Mambo has also brought the wedding of African spirituality to America. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful and sacred ceremonies anyone can witness or participate in, the wedding in African spirituality features not only the customary exchange of vows, but also the traditional washing of each spouse's feet by the other to symbolize the traversing the threshold upon a new path together, the ritual tasting of sweet, bitter, and hot herbs to symbolize the various extremes of married life, and the releasing of 21 doves for love, luck, health, and wealth, as well as other parts of the ceremony that make the Voodoo wedding as unique as it is beautiful. Below are pictures of each of these unique parts of the wedding, from the tasting of the herbs, to 

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