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Voodoo means "high and sacred of God"

There is no right side and left side or light side and dark side in the Voodoo Religion. There is simply one side which is through God and Loa.The Voodoo religion is a very old religion. In Voodoo, there is only one God, the belief in Christ and many Loa/Lwa. The Voodoo religion consists of three major systems, which include the Rada, Petro and Ghede.  The Congo is also another system. All of the Loa/Lwa, the Forces in the Voodoo religion, are divided into these systems. For example: Papa Ogu is Petro, Erusile/Ezuile Freeda is Rada and Baron Criminel is Petro Ghede.  Although these names are different from the names used in Mother Africa, they are the same entities.  Practitioners of the Voodoo religion can very easily recognize the Orisa from other African-based religions because they migrated to Haiti by way of slavery. However, Papa Ogu’s name remains the same, among the others, in the Voodoo religion.

The systems of the Voodoo religion were created during the time of slavery. There were many Africans that landed in the country of Haiti. During this time, the religion of Haiti was practiced by the Arawak Indians. The Africans came to the island of Haiti with their diverse religions and cultures. During the time of ceremony, each religion was placed within one ceremony. The ceremony created the systems as following:

1. Rada :

 Erusile Freeda, known to many as Oshun, Erusile Freeda Dahomey, Papa Dumbala Wedo, also known as Obatala, Papa Aqua, known to many as Olokun.  Dahomey, Guinea and Benin are included within the Rada system.

2. Petro : 

Papa Ogu Felite (Haiti), Ogu Nago, Ogu Batala, Ogu Chango, Chango, Erusile Dantour and many others.  Nigeria, Benin and Nago, to name a few, are within the Petro system.The belief system: One God, Jesus Christ (belief in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins), the Loa and Holy Spirit (Loa are the descendents of the one God and Loa carry prayers to God). The spirits of the Loa also carry the prayers to God. Jesus Christ is a part of the prayers prior to Voodoo ceremonies/rituals but is not a part of the Pantheon of the Voodoo ceremonies/rituals.

3. Ghede :

Baron Criminel (Haiti), Baron Samedi (Haiti), Baron Lakwa, etc. Benin is a major country within the Ghede System. Although the Barons are in the Ghede system, they are Loas. There are many spirits in the Ghede system and they should not to be confused with Loa.

In the Voodoo religion, each Loa/Lwa has works and duties that they carry out for the people.  The answer to every problem that exists in this world is within the works and duties of the Loa under God.  If one is having problems with love, then the answer lies with Erusile Freeda.  If one is having problems with faith and strength, the answer lies with Papa Ogu. If one is having problems with direction, the answer lies with Papa Aqua, also known to many as Olokun. If one’s problem is with family stability, the answer lies with Erusile Dantour, the Petro mother of all.  If one is having problems with health, then Papa Dumbala is the Loa who has the remedies not limited to health but also peace. If one needs to know the importance of the earth and the medicines that she yields, then they should seek their answer from Couzin Zaka. If the path of survival and destiny must be walked, then the answer lies with Mali Louise. However, Papa Legba is the Loa that we pay respect to before any works or ceremony can begin.

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