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Gro Mambo Angela Novanuon Idizol Olori Erelu Iya Abiye Ogun Agbaye is a world renowned Spiritual Advisor, High Priestess, Spiritual Herb Curator, Life Coach, Dancer, Teacher, Visionary, Mother and Trailblazer of many wonders. She is the founder of the National African Religion Congress (NARC), an international  organization that certifies and protects the rights of Priest and Priestess of all African Based Religions and is also the founder of LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary, the first Voodoo Church in America. 

Initiated first in the Akan religion of Ghana under Nana Oparebea, she began her study of Haitian Voodoo while under the tutelage of her Akan Godmother. It was during this time that her destiny was calling her to Haiti to become a Mambo. While in Haiti she studied Loa rhythms, shantis (prayers) and dance of Haitian Voodoo under Mambo Josephine in Delmas, Haiti, as well as vevé and related religious art and symbols of Haitian Voodoo....

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